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hello! Feel free to lurk around :iconjunesplz:

icon by the lovely :icontasha-chi:


Milllia, sometime before she settled down in Amedra ;v;
when will I get a decent art that has things related to the prompts :iconlazepoolplz:
[DEF] Nikolaus Willaume

    01 · I N F O

    ▌ Personal Information


      name : Nikolaus Willaume
      nickname : Klaus
      age : 17
      birthday : June 21st
      gender : Male
      orientation : Heterosexual
      height : 5'8"
      weight : 149lbs
      ethnicity : German, 1/4 Vietnamese


      rank : Intermediate
      weapon : Double-Bladed Glaive
      squad name : Void
      squad role : Engineer
      mech animal : Qilin
      strength : ▰▰
      agility : ▰▰▰
      intelligence : ▰▰▰▰▰

    02 · P E R S O N A L I T Y

    ▌ "Calm down, we can do this."
    「 cautious - calculative - protective - smooth-talker - attentive - quick-witted - idealistic - meticulous - deceptive - distrustful 」
        Klaus usually came off as a patient and collective person. He is quick to make an acquintance with new people but never crossed the appropriate distance. Although he came off as friendly, it generally hard for him to really trust people and got worse by adding his time of imprisonment. He is good at choosing his words which make most people relaxed around him and sometimes using this as a mean to gather information.
        Mostly using his observation skills only when need to interact with others to keep people from prodding his personal space and make them owing him a favor. Despite this, once someone wins over his trust, he would go great length for them; at the same time would put a great expectation from them to return it in equal trusts. He prefer things to be clean, orderly and have clear purposes mostly to keep his emotions under control. It calms him down when he understands the nook and crany of a solid answers and hates it whenever lost grasps of it; hard to cool off if he gets emotional.

    likes : sightseeing, tinkering, thriller movies, spicy foods, messing with unsolved problem (mostly machines)
    dislikes : nosy people, getting disturbed when working, messy workspace, sweet meals and vegetables

    Gathering information
    - Good at avoiding dangerous situations with his fairly quick feet and wit
    - Calming people down
    - Observant of people
    Tend to keep things to himself until backed into a corner
    - Sometimes a bit too perfectionist
    - Hard to actually sympathize with people
    - Physically not too strong
    - hard to cool off when angry


        Being the first born in the family, Klaus had developed a sense of responsibility since childhood. His father, Rodolph, was a great automotive engineer and a busy man. With him often being away from home, young Nikolaus always felt excited to be held responsible being the man of the house and secretly tried to imitate his father’s work in his spare time; believing that he too will be as skillful as his father someday.

        But all of those were wiped of off his mind when The Monsoros invaded their home. During the chaos he and his sister got separated with their parents when trying to escape. Unfortunately they eventually was caught and shipped off in a different group with their parents. He was absolutely terrified but tried to calm himself when the boy remembered he was still with his sister and was responsible for her. Although he wasn’t sure whether it was a good thing.

        After a few years inside the camp, a rumor about escaping being circulated around the prisoners. Determined and desperate they carefully laid out the plan and observing for opportunity to arise. Although he immediately dismissed the thought; feeling that he couldn’t risk the safety of his sister any more than already is. Unfortunately, before Klaus could take any action, the Monsoros decided to split their group again; half staying and the others shipped into the other camp. Panicked at the thought of getting separated from his sister, he tried to retaliate but to no avail. And when he comes to, he was already surrounded by different groups of people; saves from ones that previously were on the same group.

        Drained and tired, Klaus finally stopped trying to fight back after sometimes. The thought of his family still lingered in the back of his mind but he felt that whatever he do will only end up in vain and more pain. It was on his fourth time in cargo ship, defeated and waiting for whatever fate awaits him ahead when they got attacked and got the children into safety. However, by spending most of his pre-teen locked up and seeing who's his savior is by no means he put an ounce of trusts on them; though this doesn't mean he couldn't take advantage on this opportunity and joined the academy with finding his family as an utmost priority.

    03 · EXTRA

    ▌ Miscellaneous
       「 MISC. 」

      - Tends to disappear from time to time whenever he wants to think.
      - A good cook.
      - Keeps his tools and stuffs in order and doesn't like it when people touched it.
      - Often fell asleep in his work station after tinkering stuffs all night.
      - Born with sectoral heterochromia in which are part purplish-blue and part honey-coloured.
      - Quite a picky eater.
      - Good at poker


        family :
        -  Rodolph Willaume [father]
        - Carina An Khiem Willaume [mother]
        - Lien Ariane Willaume [younger sister]
        squad members :
        Jiovanni "Zap" Zappa
        - Severiano "Vino" Raines
        - Oliver Leitner
        - Levi "Wally" Wallaby
        others :

      04 · R O L E P L A Y

      ▌ Roleplay Methods
        style : headcanon, script, lit
        method : google docs, notes, discord (headcanon only)

        availability : mostly available to rp on weekends
        shipping availability : unavailable


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