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[CC] Isaac King

 P R O F I L E

[Basic Info]
Name: Isaac King (Ise)
Nickname: Ise / (prefers) Zac
Age: 22
Date of Birth: December 12th (Sagittarius) 
Height: 176cm / 5”9’
Nationality: Australian

[Course info]
Degree: Undergraduate, Strings Major (Double Bass)
Year: 2nd year
Elective: Jazz Orchestra

 P E R S O N A L I T Y

 | Impulsive | Jovial | Optimistic | Restless | Tactless | Blunt | Curious | Stubborn | Competitive | Careless | Defensive |

Ise is known for being unpredictable with his impulsive behavior. He is easily excited when it comes to things he likes and became restless, often fills his curiosity with experimenting around whether it being foods or music scores. Jovial by nature, he easily laugh at something no matter how horrible the jokes were, sometimes even carelessly optimistic, the type that hates to back down from a challenge, no matter if the odds are in his favor or not. Which mirrored a lot to his music by improving parts and bits as he likes and changing the composition when he's playing solo even when he's getting an earful from his instructors and accompanists. 

Growing up with three older siblings makes him used to be unafraid to stand his ground when it's necessary, he is blunt with his words although never in hostile means nor manners, but alas could be tactless as he doesn't really pay attention to the surrounding sometimes. Stubbornly clinging to his opinion when he has one. Although he doesn't want to admit, Ise hates the fact that he always fell behind just because he was the youngest, makes him used to being competitive and a bit defensive when it comes to things he thought he's good at. He can be careless and tend to forget something whether it’s an assignment or the last place he put his socks, his room is basically a mess.

tl;dr He's that guy who would ask a random musician in the street if he can play along with them.

 B A C K G R O U N D

As a child, Ise had a bit of trouble to concentrate in any general tasks that he was given. Seeing this, his parents wished for him to learn music in hope that it would help him a bit in focus and patience. However since none of their family is a musician, they went into the music shop blindly, hoping that they will find something that would suit his need. After walking around the store and talking to the staff for a while, they decided to take the huge contrabass although it was a bit big for Ise as the kid insisted to choose the instruments with the pretense that ‘it looks cool’. His grandfather was elated at this news as this mean he can share his love and knowledge of jazz with one of his grandsons. He even took him to some of the concerts and play with some of his musician friends who, in turn, gladly teach the kid some of the feel that he couldn’t get in the classical course that he attended.

Over the years, Ise’s love for music grows along with his skills. The more he achieved new skills, the more he’s eager to learn and even started to make his own arrangements on his favourite songs for fun; often share it with the jazz club that his late grandpa introduced years ago. Along the years spent hanging there, he also made friends with some of the younger ones and do their own regular sessions that he never fail to attend after school hours. It made him happy, and realized it more that he wanted to do this as more than just a hobby. Although he didn’t dare to tell his family, seeing that funding him to a specialized university all the way in the capital would be a bit much to ask. Alas, his only choice is to keep quiet and learn as much as he can get from the people around him.

What he didn’t expect was, in his last summer of senior secondary school, his eldest brothers gave him an envelope with a music school logo emblazoned on the top corner, stating that he had an audition to follow his application requests for the university. Confused as he was, his sister finally explained that the twin had sent out his papers for applying without Ise's knowing and that they would support him ("In exchange on putting our names too once you got famous" his brother said half-jokingly.) For once, he was really thankful that the double devils' schemes wasn't used for black mailing him to hell. Although his parents was reluctant to let their youngest son to go outside of the states, they finally let him go with the promise to call often.

Although he hasn't touched classical for quite a while, being surrounded by strict instructors and appropriate environment, brought back his feels in no time. As he was under a scholarship, he tried to be on his best behavior during all of his classes, though his habit of improvised on everything while playing doesn't die easily. Two years through his course, his professors acknowledge that his talents, although it could do more polishing, was astounding as it was and would be good to be brought in a more advanced environment. Thus they made him a recommendation letter for Clefford Conservatory, which he immediately called in for interview much to his surprise.

It was harder for him to convince his parents for him to go rather than preparing for his accommodation and papers to transfer since one, they didn't want him to go all the way to the other side of the world, literally. Two, turns out his credits wasn't enough yet to transfer as a second year and thus require him to start from the beginning again. And three, even though he has a relative there, the man was often busy and besides he would be staying on the campus dorm. But after much begging and convincing, all is well and he finally fly off to London.

Though as it turns out, it really wasn't an easy feat for him to adapt. While the university he attended back home was by no means internationally renowned, it was also a school that as close as what would you call the most prestigious in the whole country. But Clefford made it seems like it was nothing. Classes are faster and harder with students’ whom skills to match; and definitely stricter. It left him quite thrown off and getting disarrayed on the first couple of weeks. Made him painfully aware at how advanced and far this school is from home. It took quite a while for him to truly settle down and steadily regain his pace, but despite all of that he is actually quite excited with all the challenge and learning experience that he could get from this school.

tl;dr A stubborn and restless kid that was introduced to jazz by his late grandfather. His love for music grew as he learn more in his time with the people from a jazz club and decided to take the chance of learning formally when he was given one by his siblings. Two years later, one of his professor wrote him a recommendation letter to one of the most renown music school, Clefford. Although some trouble arises regarding his transfer he is ready and excited to learn from the bests.

James King, Father, 53
Illse Walsh-King, Mother, 51 (Irish decent)
Edmund King, Older brother, 28
Edward King, Older brother, 28
Ariadne King, Older Sister, 24

 M I S C E L L A N E O U S


    -       Able to fall sleep everywhere and anywhere.

    -       Quite interested in composing.

    -       Likes to experiments with foods (although he’s a horrible cook)

    -       Likes to explore the weird parts of the city.

    -       He’s looking for people to do a regular jamming session with outside of mandatory classes and electives.

    -       Usually wearing contacts during the day since he keeps misplacing his glasses.

    -       Could play a little bit of piano since he was often asked to be the replacement when their club pianist couldn't make it.

    -       Have an uncle who works as a graphic designer in London. Sometimes takes him out to eat something nice when he's not busy which Ise really,

            really gratefully accept.


Likes & Dislikes:

Kate (his bass)
+ Good food
+ Comfortable places (to sleep)
+ Spicy foods
+ People calls him Zac instead of Ise
+ Horror stories
Improvised jamming session

- Carbonara sauce
- Getting disturbed
- Cats (allergic) 
- Getting bossed around
Screamo musics

Favorite Pieces:

Jan Krtitel Vanhal - Concerto in D Major 

Astor Piazolla – Le Grand Tango

Bottesini – Concerto in B (3rd movement)

Antonin Dvorak – Symphony no.9, 4th movement (new world)

Schindler’s Lists Theme

Ella Fitzgerald - Lullaby of Birdland 

Typically likes pieces that are complex and fast paced since it's more interesting to play around with. He like the grand and intense feeling that these kind of songs bring and generally the challenge of playing it. However, he is willing to play one with slow tempo as long as it's jazz or a song that held sentimental values for him. Then again, Ise is generally learning to get rid of his habit of rearranging songs as he likes whenever he plays.

Relationships: TBA

RP Method & Timezone: 

    -       Discord
    -       Google Doc
    -       Note/Reply (rarely open)
    -       Group Chat (if any)

Head canon > lit > script

Timezone GMT +8

Milllia, sometime before she settled down in Amedra ;v;
when will I get a decent art that has things related to the prompts :iconlazepoolplz:


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